Real Organic Baby Food Made by You

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Adjust Servings:
Very Berry Berries mash!
50 gms of Strawberries 50 g
40 gms of Blueberries 40 g
1 Pear 1
40 gms of Raspberry (not in cart) 40 g
All about the greens!
50 gms of French beans 50 g
1 Avocado 1
1 Carrot 1
We’re bananas about the Oats!
50 gms of Rolled Oats 50 g
1 Banana 1
1 Apple 1

Real Organic Baby Food Made by You

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan


  • Very Berry Berries mash!

  • All about the greens!

  • We’re bananas about the Oats!



Tasty yums for those tiny tums! When it comes to feeding your baby and family, the question is; is organic really better? 

We have all heard of the conventional vs. organic food debate and it appears to be wise to stick to organic. Serving your baby organic food made fresh and from scratch keeps all the harmful chemicals out of your baby’s delicate system. Nonetheless, whipping up organic baby food doesn’t have to take much time or energy. 

Buying farm fresh products from Food Crowd, and preparing your own organic baby food can cost less than stocking up on store-bought products. An additional massive benefit of preparing and formulating homemade baby food is that you can tweak flavors based on your little one’s own palate and preference. Plus, you not only know exactly what is in the food that you’re feeding them, but you have complete control over ingredients, texture, and consistency.

 An additional tip to all you loving parents; you can always sneak in a few extra greens! But most importantly… making your own baby food is tremendously satisfying for you and your baby. And as they grow older, it can turn into a bonding experience.

A large part of living organically is only eating food from local, or home-grown organic farms. There are several great recipes around nutritional homemade baby food for you to try out using our organic produce. No matter what the ingredients are; they require you to boil the fruits and vegetables before blending them in. It is an important step in order to make sure that the produce used is clean, digestible, and safe for your baby to consume. You will realize that this seemingly daunting task of making your own baby food purees will soon become of second nature to you. 

You got this Mum & Dad! Here are three of our favorite blends to get you started: 


Boil all ingredients until soft, then blend until smooth and velvety. 

  1. Very Berry Berries mash!
    1. Strawberry
    2. Blueberry
    3. Pears
    4. Raspberry
  2. All about the greens!
    1. French beans
    2. Avocado
    3. Carrot
  3. We’re bananas about the Oats!
    1. Rolled Oats
    2. Banana
    3. Apple
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