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Treat Yourself to Some Labneh

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Labneh Toast
Labneh Ball plain
Cashew Nuts
Toast or Rice cakes
Labbneh Dip
Labneh Ball Zaatar
Olive Oil
Salted sticks or Celery sticks
Parmesan Chili Labneh Sticks
Labneh ball with chilli
Minty Labneh lemon salad
Labneh ball with mint
Armela Chopped Multi-Leaf Mix Salad
Cherry Tomatoes
Olive Oil 8 tbs
Lemon Juice 4 tbs
Dejon mustard ½ ts
Salt ½ ts
Pepper ¼ ts

Treat Yourself to Some Labneh


  • Labneh Toast

  • Labbneh Dip

  • Parmesan Chili Labneh Sticks

  • Minty Labneh lemon salad




Are you one of those who haven’t heard of labneh let alone labneh balls? Here is what you have been missing all along! Labneh is made of, yogurt and salt, that’s it! However,  you need to drain all liquids from the yogurt to get the rich creamy texture you are looking for. To do this, put the yogurt in a cotton cloth, a t-shirt would work too, and wait until all the water drains in a bowl placed beneath it. Then add salt as per your taste and there you have your yummy labneh in 2 easy steps.

We couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing with you 4 delicious and easy to make recipes we created with these delicious circles of happiness!

Get toasting with Labneh!

What’s better than some cheesiness on a toast with honey drizzled all over! Yum!



–  Get your bread ready by toasting it or take a rice cake and evenly spread a tablespoon of the Plain Labneh.

–  Drizzle a teaspoon of honey on top.

–  Crush two pieces of Cashew nuts and add it on top to give a crunch.

This is perfect for a fast breakfast or a light midday snack .


Dipping in Labneh

Dipping in a cheese sauce is so old school, lets go up a notch and dip in labneh!


–  Mix the Labneh Zaatar Balls in a bowl until its creamy.

–  Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to it

–  Get our Bett’r Oat Salted Sticks Basil & Oregano and start dipping!

A great addition to your cheese-board for small gatherings, movie nights or have it as a go to snack at work or school!


Parmesan Chili Labneh Sticks

When mozzarella sticks can win hearts so can Parmesan Chilli Labneh Sticks.


–  Take a labneh ball, smash it and roll it into a cylindrical roll

–  Dip each in beaten egg

–  Then coat in parmesan cheese

–  Dip in beaten egg again

–  Back to coating a second layer of bread crumbs

–  Deep fry or air fry

Serve as appetizer on gatherings and win hearts of your guests.


Minty Labneh lemon salad

We have just started to get zingy!


–  For the sauce: Combine the lemon, dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Mix well together, add in olive oil and give it a good mix again.

–  Cut half an onion, 8 pieces of the cherry tomatoes, slice cucumber in small circles and mix with the salad

–  Pour in that sauce and garnish with parsley

–  Crush the labneh and crumble it on top.


A healthy delightful dinner or light lunch plate is ready!

Feel free to create your own recipes with some twists and turns according to your liking and incorporate this amazing ingredient to your everyday meals.

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Budget Bites 
Let’s Roll back on Carbs!

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